In our newborn photography, we primarily use StickyFolios to share images with new parents and they absolutely love it!

Since most people — especially new moms — are always on the go and don’t spend a lot of time on desktop computers anymore, they really love the convenience of always having their images on their phones.

Another great aspect of StickyFolios is the immediacy. If a client orders physical products with me, they often have to wait a few weeks for them to arrive. But, if they order my middle or top packages, StickyFolios is included. Then they have immediate access to their images before they ever leave the ordering appointment.

I simply show them how to download it to their phone and share it with friends and family, and they no longer have to wait three weeks for their products to arrive before viewing their images.

Not only do my clients love StickyFolios, but I really love them too! I love being able to see how many views (both unique views and total views) my StickyFolios have. It’s always nice to see that someone’s looked at my work 50 or 100 times, or that they’ve shared it with 20 of their friends.

This is huge! My clients are basically promoting me to my target audience for free, which is absolutely amazing! I get so excited about people being exposed to my brand and my work — especially people that probably wouldn’t have seen my photography any other way. Since my logo and website are every StickyFolio, people always know where to find me when they look at those images. They say, “Oh! That’s Allison Bauer! I’m going to visit her website right now!”

I’ve already had several referrals and I can wait to see how my business continues to grow using StickyFolios!

— Allison Bauer, Allison Bauer Photography (Rosenheim, Germany)