Happy spring!  Our team has been hard at work and we’re excited to share a few of the newest features in StickyFolios.  We’ve made buttons in Folios super flexible, improved form embedding, added sort and search tools, and improved the loading time of Folios to save you time and make it even easier for clients to contact you.  We’ve also changed the layout for editing booking pages to make it simpler.

Buttons are more versatile than ever

It’s now possible to turn any button in any template into any kind of button – internally we’ve been calling it the “Super Button” (cue super-hero theme music 🙂  ).  When you create a new Folio, you can now set buttons to email you, call your mobile, visit a link (such as a booking page), or even integrate with other marketing tools and studio management software.  Super Buttons make it easier to use each of the templates for a wider variety of marketing strategies and make it simpler for prospective clients to reach you and learn about your business.

Form Embed lets you stay organized by sending leads directly into your other marketing tools

When you create a new Folio you can embed a form within a Super Button to send leads into your email marketing software or studio management software.  This will save you time and let you more easily follow up with leads via email or reach out to them to schedule a phone consultation.  We currently support integration with HoneyBook, Tave, Mailchimp, Drip, and 17Hats.

Faster loading Folios will keep visitors on your site

Most people don’t have much patience for a slow loading site and will eventually leave if it is taking too long.  With this in mind, we are now compressing images in newly created Folios to be optimized for web, which will make your Folios load faster.  This doesn’t mean you should double the number of images you include!  StickyFolios is a marketing tool and we still recommend including 15-20 of your best images.  This will ensure that your Folios load quickly and  showcase your best work without overwhelming your visitors with too many images.

Improved Sort and Search functionality will save you time and show you what’s working

You can now sort your published Folios by name, unique views, total views, or date last published.  We’ve also added a new column with the date you created your Folio.  Being able to quickly sort by views will help you identify your best marketing practices and promotions.

The search box will help you quickly locate a specific Folio for editing or check its stats.

New layout for editing booking pages

Based on your feedback, we’ve updated how to edit a booking page to make it even simpler.  Now all of the different areas you can customize are on the left, with a preview of the booking page on the right.  If you want to change any of the text in the booking page on the right, simply click on it – many of the fields are editable.  We now also let you customize the text on the “Booking Total” field in case your client is not booking a session.

Let us know what you think of the new features and as always, if you have suggestions or features you’d like to see, let us know.  Our team is always looking for ways to make StickyFolios the very best marketing platform for photographers. We’re working on a lot of cool things. In the near future we’ll be releasing a brand new template!

P.S.  If you didn’t attend our recent workshop on using StickyFolios with Facebook Ads, definitely check it out.  We’ll be adding the ability for you to add your Facebook pixel into StickyFolios soon!