In the last four years of using StickyAlbums, we’ve built over 500 custom folios for our clients and they absolutely love them. What’s more fun than pulling out your phone and showing off your pictures, right?

For example, one of our family portraits has been viewed almost 1,500 times! And, just two months ago, we shot a high school senior that already has over 500 views on his album! That is amazing word-of-mouth advertising we can’t generate any other way.

Needless to say, we absolutely love the StickyAlbums and StickyFolios products.

We’ve recently used StickyFolios in our mini-sessions as well. This was our 12th year of running Portraits On The Parkway — a four-day mini-session event that’s become really popular in our local community. This year we used StickyFolios to help us book and organize the 48 sessions, and it’s the smartest, most efficient thing we could’ve done!

Once I set up the booking page, people could sign up, pay for their session upfront, and receive reminders and other information directly from the page.

The best part for me was quickly getting all of the information I needed. No more back-and-forth emailing or making 50 phone calls each day! Everything was organized so all I had to do was print out the schedule and client information. It was a huge success for us!

This summer, I also decided to dive into paid Facebook advertising for the first time to promote my senior portrait photography. After watching an amazing StickyFolios webinar, I built my first lead magnet and landing page using StickyFolios, created my Facebook ad and launched the campaign.

In our area, the market for senior portraits isn’t really developed yet. Now, with the StickyFolios landing page builder and lead magnet templates, we’re not only able to create the senior market in our area, but we’re going to corner it as well!

StickyFolios has also transformed the way I send all my clients and prospects their information. In the past, clients would email me for details about everything from portrait sessions to wedding photography pricing. Then I’d have to spend time digging for the right PDF to send them and writing them back.

Not anymore! Thanks to the beautiful StickyFolios templates, all of those inquiries are handled automatically. StickyFolios is the best!

— Bonnie Burton, Burton Photography (Boone, North Carolina)