We recently started using StickyFolios as an incentive for rising seniors to book earlier in the summer rather than later. We’ve had quite the positive response to having the images readily available. We look forward to the domino effect as our clients continue to share our image through the apps made possible by StickyFolios.

As great as StickyFolios has been for our business, one of the best uses of the platform came just this week in my own family.

My daughter-in-law’s mother passed away on Monday. A few years back, I photographed the entire extended family. I pulled all the images from that session and sent it to my daughter-in-law through a StickyFolio and she was delighted to share it with her family members and friends.

One of my life goals is to use photography to help heal the pain of the world.

This particular StickyFolio brought joy at a time of sadness, and isn’t this the real purpose of our images?

Thanks, StickyFolios!

— Cindy Crofford, Cindy Crofford Photography (Houston, TX)