Why do we love StickyAlbums and StickyFolios? Why don’t we love StickyAlbums and StickyFolios? What’s not to like about them?

It’s not only affordable for photographers, but it’s really cool as a standalone product for clients.

Last year, I used StickyAlbums to create custom mobile apps for my clients and sold them for $499 each… and not a single person complained about it. They’d receive their images through the smart app on their phones and they were all really happy.

But, I wasn’t completely happy because I knew they wouldn’t last forever and I was really concerned about selling physical products. This year, though, I’m bundling the digital apps with physical products so when people buy physical albums or wall art, the custom app is included.

My clients love it! It’s a special gift to them and it brings me more business.

There’s also a myriad of ways to use StickyAlbums and StickyFolios. For starters, I use them to proof my albums. After editing, I’ll send my client a StickyAlbum with their images. Then, once they approve the images, we print their album and they get to keep their custom app forever. When they get their physical album, they don’t have to carry it around with them to show it off. They can take their StickyAlbum with them without worrying about fingerprints or coffee spills.

Of course, the other big advantage is that while they show off their images on the app, they’re also showing off my brand and contact information.

I also use StickyFolios for gift vouchers all the time. If I have an offer for a specific month, I can send it out through a StickyFolio — with associated pictures and information — and my clients get a gift voucher they can use whenever they want.

I’ve even used StickyFolios for my corporate clients. Instead of sending an entire magazine layout as a PDF (like I used to do), I can send it much faster as a StickyFolio.

The booking feature in StickyFolios is also amazing! While I’m asleep at 3am in the morning, someone can book a session with me, learn all about what’s included, and preview some of the physical products they can buy with a session. Then they can schedule and book a date that fits their schedule, and even pay directly online. When I wake up at 6am, I see that I have new bookings and I can get started with my day.

The other thing I love about StickyFolios is the easy-to-understand stats in the platform. Most of my albums get shared, but some get shared far more than others. For example, one of my clients, Jenna, just got her custom app two days ago. She raved about the product so much that she’s clicked open her album 244 times in just two days. She’s also shared it and opened it on other devices, showing 84 unique clicks.

Will I get any business out of those clicks? Nothing’s guaranteed, but it cost me nothing to create the app, and she’s obviously sharing it with many people. She’s happy, so I’m happy!

Now, I’m only starting with this technology so I’m not using it extensively yet, but every day I seem to find a new way of using Nate’s products because they’re so versatile.

As a company, they listen to what you have to say and, most importantly, they listen very carefully to what you want from the product. They always answer my questions in a heartbeat and I find their customer service phenomenal.

For example, many of my clients are boudoirs clients and they have whole albums that they don’t want to share with all their friends and family, but… they do want to share individual images. When Nate first launched StickyFolios, single image sharing wasn’t an option.

After a recent update, they contacted me directly and said, “Hey Dave, we’ve done what you wanted. We now have single image sharing.” Now, I don’t know whether it was because I was the only one who requested it, but I love that they made it seem that way.

I also love the fact that you can now put Facebook Pixel code and Google Analytics code right into the platform. This is something else I requested.

Now, when I go into any of my StickyFolios, I can see that I now have a Google Analytics ID and a Facebook Pixel ID. Now I can market on Facebook, link it to a particular StickyFolio, and retarget everyone who opened that particular album. That’s really powerful stuff!

Could I do without StickyAlbums and StickyFolios?

Sure, but do I want to do without them?

Hell no!

— Dave Sander, Madison Bou Photography (Hazlewood Castle, UK)