StickyAlbums and StickyFolios make my life so much easier!

As a mom, a businesswoman, a photographer, a wife, I’m a hundred things to everybody! Somewhere in the middle of it all, I have to find time for myself also, right?

You guys make it so easy for me to quickly market my business and present my work in a professional way.

I’m not even good with computers, so the fact that I could figure it all out so quickly was amazing!

I love that when I think of new ideas for my client information and different price lists, I can just throw them in StickyFolios. Everything is updated which makes choosing the right information to send out really easy, and they look amazing!

Also, I’ve used StickyFolios to create lead magnets like The Top 10 Things You Should Expect From a Boudoir Shoot. It’s been invaluable in my marketing and so easy to use!

From one business owner to another, I just want to say thank you so much for making my life so much easier!

— Jen Rozenbaum, Jenerations (Queens, New York)