I want to thank Nate and the entire StickyFolios team for creating a truly one-of-a-kind marketing platform for photographers. I really believe you’re ahead of the curve on how to run a business in today’s world. I absolutely love that you not only give us tools and methods but also the education through StickyAcademy so we can be effective with the stuff you offer!

It’s truly changed my life and business — not only from a monetary perspective of selling packages and booking more senior portraits but also in the fact that I now get to spend more time with my wife and kids.

I actually just returned from vacation to knock out a couple of sessions, but at the end of the week, we’re headed right back on vacation! The tools you provide make it possible to do that!

First, I love that StickyFolios gives us the ability to create specific niche apps for whatever goal we’re trying to accomplish. I’ve found that when a new lead comes in, there are always objections we need to overcome and questions we need to answer. The thing is, if we put all of that information they need directly on our website, they’ll have no reason to contact us. So whenever I get a new lead, I start sending automated emails to answer those FAQs. Then, in each email, I include a link to specific StickyFolios pages that either overcome an objection, communicate something they haven’t thought of yet, or shows them something really cool we’ve done in our studio that “wows” them.

Everything in my automated emails is based on specific StickyFolios pages we’ve created.

For example, one of our pages is The Top 10 Senior Portrait Ideas You Must Do On Your Session. This has been the biggest thing I’ve done for my business this summer. We’ve had over 800 views on the page and it comes from the automated email sequences, several Facebook ads, and the menu on my website.

I’ve also created The Best Places To Take Your Senior Pictures in Oklahoma City. It’s a major search keyword phrase in my market. So I took my favorite locations, created a page using the StickyFolios Top 10 List Template, and turned it into the lead magnet for collected email addresses of seniors and their parents.

That’s huge for these seniors!

Another StickyFolio I created was How to Prepare for Your Senior Pictures. It covers what to wear, what not to wear, how to pose, what our makeup artists can do for them, information about our on-location changing rooms, and gives several examples of great senior portraits.

Each of these StickyFolios gives information that overcomes fear and objections, and answers any questions they may have but haven’t asked me yet.

On my website, I have several portfolio pieces that only shows a few portraits of past clients. However, new clients really want to know what we’re going to deliver when it comes time to see their pictures. This was a really common question, so we created a StickyFolio that showcased five full senior portrait sessions. That way they would know exactly what they’d get if they became a Josh Fisher Senior. This was huge, and it’s one of our most viewed StickyFolios!

We’ve also used StickyFolios to create a gallery of images that gets email recipients to click and stay engaged with me.

I really love that these StickyFolios pages can be downloaded as apps directly to their smartphones. Think about how many apps you have on your phone right now! You see them every day, and most of them never get deleted or organized. This has become a major strategy I use in my business. If my leads download these pages to their phone as apps, they may not book me for a few months, but eventually, brand awareness starts to build.

When it comes time to choose a photographer for something, I’m usually the first photographer that comes to mind.

Finally, I absolutely love using automated email sequences with the StickyFolios booking pages. Just recently while on vacation in St. John, I was able to book four new seniors completely through automation. It was so cool to come back and see those shoots booked in my calendar and paid for, all made possible by StickyFolios.

Thank you so much for this, and I’m really excited to see a roadmap of where StickyFolios is going because I really believe in you guys. If you’re not using StickyFolios, trust me, it really is what it says it is.

— Josh Fisher, Josh Fisher Photography (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)