What’s new this month

Based on some great feedback from all of you, we’ve added some new features to StickyFolios that we’re really excited about.

  • New “Share” buttons make it easier than ever for visitors to share any Folio over social media, email, SMS or text.
  • We also have two new templates!  A shorter landing page template keeps most of your content “above the fold” and our new Lead Magnet template will help you build your email list.
  • Last but not least, StickyFolios hosted on the stickyfolios.com domain are now protected by SSL.

New Share Buttons Make Sharing Easier Than Ever

We know the value of word of mouth marketing and how powerful it is when clients share your work with their friends and family.  The more shares a Folio has, the more views it will get and this can lead to more referrals and/or bookings.  To make it easier for clients and visitors to share your Folios over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, or SMS text message, we’ve added new share buttons to all templates.  The new buttons are built into the Folio and require no additional set up.


Another New Template … Lead Magnet!

A “lead magnet” is a resource or guide that you can offer to visitors in exchange for their email address.  For example, you might create a what to wear guide, tips to taking great photos with your smartphone, ideas for making beautiful wall displays with photographs, etc…and then offer it for free in exchange for an email address. This is a great way to add value to your clients and visitors while building your email list.

The template works great when paired with either of our Landing Page templates.  To make it super easy for you to get started, the template comes with “Ten Quick Tips To Better Photos With Your Smartphone”.  Feel free to use the included copy and photos (or you can change it and make it your own).  All you have to do is add your logo and contact information and you will be ready to go.

Improved Security with SSL

SSL is the standard security technology that is used on the internet.  You may have noticed that sometimes a URL starts with HTTP, and sometimes it starts with HTTPS.  The “S” means that the website is secured with SSL.

To give your clients and visitors a more secure experience when accessing your Folios, we have added SSL to all Folios that are hosted on the stickyfolios.com domain. The SSL version will automatically load when someone accesses these Folios.

As always, we value your feedback and ideas.  If there is something you’d like to see in StickyFolios, let us know! We’re always looking for ways to improve and help you and your business even more.