I’ve been using StickyFolios for a little over a year now, and I’m very happy with the product!

For one, StickyFolios allows us to offer really great products to our senior portrait clients that make it seem like we’re on top of our game with technology. Kids want to share photos with their friends online, so they love it! And, the fact that we’re able to offer that is something that puts us leaps and bounds ahead of other photographers.

This year, we’ve completely stopped selling copyright-released images. We prefer to do our own printing, and needless to say, in the photography studio that allows us to make more money. StickyFolios has been a really great way for us to still offer clients digitals without having to offer them an actual disc.

In our marketing training, we’ve found that most clients want to hold onto their stuff, but they don’t necessarily need to print it. Using StickyFolios is a great way to get what we want and still give them what they want!

Probably the best thing we’ve noticed about using StickyFolios, though, is that our online scheduling has shot way up! StickyFolios offers a really convenient way for our clients to look at our portfolio, schedule a call, and even schedule an appointment. That’s been incredibly helpful when it comes to filling up our calendar, especially with things like mini-sessions where we count on parents to book appointments for their children. Many parents don’t get off work until after we’re closed, so the feature allows them to book online.

Now, we no longer need to respond to a bunch of back-and-forth emails about finding times that work for everyone. This has been invaluable to our process — bringing more money into our studio without costing us a lot more time!

We’ve also included StickyFolios in our higher level packages for all of our photography. So for example, in our largest wedding package, we offer clients a custom wedding website that we build through StickyFolios — something that most photographers can’t do. For our seniors, we know that parents want to see their kids get what they want, so offering StickyFolios in the highest package often gets them to upgrade.

We’ve also found that getting referrals is much easier with StickyFolios. For example, if someone buys a mini-session, it’s one thing for them to tell a friend, “Hey, guess what?! We went to this really great studio for photos!” It’s another thing entirely for them to send a StickyFolio where folks can see exactly what we do and what it costs when they’re most interested. Then, they can easily book online with us.

We definitely see the value in StickyFolios and will continue to be customers! We love the product and especially love the recent upgrades from StickyAlbums to StickyFolios. Keep on doing what you’re doing! You’re definitely making life a lot easier for photographers like me!

— Lacy Davillier, Davillier Photography and Graphics (New Orleans, Louisiana)