I am an outdoor boudoir photographer and I am falling in love with StickyFolios!

Since StickyFolios added booking pages, mini-session pages, and digital business cards, it’s really become the all-in-one solution I was looking for to streamline my process.

Having just launched a boudoir yoga retreat, StickyFolios not only helped me create the website but also allowed me to create a booking page! Now anyone that wants to attend the retreat can easily visit my website, reserve their spot, and pay their deposit — all because of StickyFolios.

StickyFolios also streamlines my work by keeping me from sending invoices back and forth. When the client books themselves, they pay their deposit and it’s done (which is way easier on them too)!.

Another reason I’m loving StickyFolios is the business card template. I am horrible at keeping physical business cards with me. I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked for my business card and I’m stuck just writing down my information on a random piece of paper. That doesn’t make me look very professional.

StickyFolios saved the day by making a digital business card template to where I can easily add in a little blip about my business, a small portfolio, and all of my contact information. I’ve saved this to my phone’s home screen, and I can easily just click the ‘share’ button and email or text it to the person asking for it and help them download it to their home screen.

Now, they don’t just have my contact info, but I have their contact info as well — which is huge for my marketing! As an added bonus, they can then share my business card with others the same way! They don’t have to keep track of a physical business card, and it’s right there on their phone. Since everyone always has their phones with them, it makes it a very simple, streamlined solution.

The #1 reason I love StickyFolios, though, is the app. My clients are boudoir clients, and while I always recommend that they print their images, they’re always asking for digital copies. That’s where StickyFolios comes in! By offering the StickyFolios app as an add-on to their printed product collection, they can have all their digitals on their device, readily accessible at all times.

It’s not only an awesome way for them to display and view their images, but they can share this mobile app with their significant other as a gift!

It’s a great solution!

— Laura Saucedo, Inspire Boudoir (Austin, Texas)