StickyFolios is an invaluable tool for my business because it allows me to book and schedule sessions without having to speak to every single client.

It’s especially helpful for out-of-town clients! StickyFolios allows me to put together a schedule for the specific time slots I’m available. Once people review the images and information about my company, they can pick their time, book it, and pay for it — all in one convenient place! This is absolutely amazing and it works really well!

I also love that I can create a very specific portfolio for different niches of my clients. For example, I have portfolios for my seniors, headshot, and portrait clients that only show them examples of the kind of photography they want. It’s a great opportunity for me to give them a look at what I want them to see, versus going to my website and seeing every style of photography I shoot.

I also love that StickyFolios allows me to deliver customized folios with images and specific information about the families I shoot. I can add their names, favorite quotes, or favorite scriptures which makes it really personal for them. I’ve found that when I customize their StickyFolio like this, they’re more prone to share it with others.

Then, when they’re asked where the images came from, it becomes a great referral source for me. I absolutely love the product and what Nate and the team are doing.

One of the other aspects I love about StickyFolios is that it saves me a ton of time by allowing me to schedule in-person consultations. For my business, it’s critical for me to be able to meet with clients prior to doing a shoot. Before a shoot, I want to make sure we’re a good fit and review the pricing so they know what exactly what to expect.

StickyFolios allows me to put in the times I’m available and include any information clients need so when they want to set up the consultation, they can take care of it on their own. It keeps me from having to be on the phone going back-and-forth, and it allows me to do what I love — shooting and having fun with my clients!

I really wouldn’t know what to do without StickyFolios! It’s been a great product for my business. I absolutely love it and I recommend it to every other photographer that I work with and talk to.

I love what Nate and the team are doing and look forward to the awesome updates and improvements that are coming. Thank you!

— Marc Anthony, Images By Marc Anthony (Oswego, Illinois)