Not only is StickyFolios extremely easy to use, but it’s truly helping us book more clients!

We’re using the lead magnet on our website and social media to capture email addresses of potential clients that want additional information on our studio — whether they’re interested in portraits, newborn photography, senior sessions, weddings, or commercial photography.

Talk about all-in-one software!

We also utilize the calendar feature for our mini-sessions to let clients book themselves and start the payment process. I’m telling you, this frees up so much time and effort we used to spend on the phone and email for scheduling and answering questions. StickyFolios handles all of this for us now!

The landing pages we create with StickyFolios lets us incorporate photos, testimonials, albums, and video. We can even give a complete picture of our studio through our website and social media that we couldn’t do before. All of this frees us up to focus on building our business and wean out the areas that aren’t a perfect fit for our ideal clientele.

StickyFolios has also given us the ability to educate our current and potential clients. The super simple layout of the StickyFolios landing pages let us include more detailed information about our sessions than we could before. It’s visually stunning!

It’s modern and easy to use, and the workflow features allow us to guide our clients from one step to the next, making it easier for all of us to get in contact with each other. The scheduling feature let us pinpoint a time to talk that’s convenient for everyone, allowing us to fully answer any questions they have while maximizing our hours here at the studio.

No more playing phone tag back and forth! (I don’t know about you, but that used to happen to us all the time!)

If you haven’t checked out StickyAlbums or StickyFolios yet, I’m telling you… it’s a total game changer!

— Melanie Anderson, Anderson Photographs | Anderson Education (Hagerstown, MD)