We’ve been using StickyAlbums and StickyFolios for a number of years now. Back in 2013, I met Nate at WWPPI where he showed me StickyAlbums for the first time. At the time, I thought it was an awesome feature to add on to our collections for our clients.

After several years of using StickyAlbums in all its iterations, they’ve recently released StickyFolios. Now we’re able to take our business and marketing to a new level.

We’re currently using the landing page templates in the StickyFolios platform to build new business and generate leads, and it’s working flawlessly in conjunction with our Facebook ads, Google ads, and all our other marketing.

We’re now able to create custom pages for each directive we’re trying to book!

Even though we’re mainly known as a wedding photography studio, we shoot other genres as well — families, headshots, and seniors. But, when you first go to our website, that’s not immediately apparent.

By using StickyFolios, we’re able to run targeted ads for our other types of photography and send that traffic to a dedicated landing page focused on each particular genre. By having a specific landing page for each type of photography, we keep our client’s attention focused on the task at hand — inquiring about our services and giving us their contact information. We can then add them to our contact lists for all future marketing.

I also love that StickyFolios and StickyAlbums allow us to integrate with other software (17hats, Táve, Drip) for marketing automation.

We’ve been using this a ton and it’s helped our business tremendously!

Thank you, guys!

— Michael Anthony, Michael Anthony Studios, LearnWeddingPhotography.com (Santa Clarita, CA)