I’ve been using StickyFolios for six months now, and it’s made my entire life so much easier! The biggest thing is that it helps my entire marketing process. StickyFolios automates my bookings and getting information about my photography out there.

It cuts through so much stuff that normally keeps me tied to the computer. Now I don’t have to be!

I can quickly customize the folios to fit the special session types I’m doing. Since I’m in a couple of different markets, I can customize different folios depending on where my clients are and my pricing tiers.

Everything is customized for my clients. They get the information they need in bite-sized pieces that leads them along the path to booking me so I’m not overwhelming them in the process. And, it still lets me communicate my branding and personality!

StickyFolios also helps me capture emails of potential clients. I can lead them along the way, build my list, and only send stuff to people who are interested. It’s great for growing my audience as well!

Another thing I love is the fact that StickyFolios is automated. Before, I had to manually set up the time slots for my mini-sessions. StickyFolios has helped so much here. It makes it so much easier because I have a dedicated StickyFolio with all the information. I just hook it up to the booking engine and, all of a sudden, I can take payment up front (so I don’t have to chase it down later). Once they can pick a time, they get a confirmation email and TADA! It’s all done!

I’m not constantly checking my inbox or emailing people back and forth to explain things, answer questions, or see which time they want. There’s no more “Oops that time’s booked. Let’s book a different time.” It’s just so much easier now than it’s ever been before!

I also started making StickyFolios a gift for clients and using it as an add-on to different packages. Once they buy a package, they get their own custom app. One little trick that’s really helped me out is the fact that I can customize links in StickyFolios. Now, when my clients share their StickyFolios, as people look through them and click the link it takes them to a landing page for my next round of sessions instead of sending them to other portfolios. Before I know it, my sessions are filled up!

I can tell you how much this feature has helped me out! My clients have different audiences than I might have, so StickyFolios lets me get exposure with a ton of new people when my clients share it on Facebook. For example, I recently went to Southern California for a travel session and had 10 sessions available. One former client of mine shared her StickyAlbum on Facebook which led to filling 9 of the 10 slots — just from that one past client!

— Michelle Simmons, The Suitcase Studio (Bend, Oregon)