Today’s show is a little bit different because our guest isn’t a photographer. Nate Wright, from Inbox Attack, is an email marketing expert who has helped many photography clients, including Charlie Cotugno, a StickyAlbums user, use email marketing more effectively. We recently had a great talk about how Nate was able to help Charlie book more corporate clients and Nate shared some awesome tips on how to write a good headline and he did a live re-write to one of our StickyEmail headlines.

(Here are the highlights, but you can listen to the episode below or on the Momentum podcast).

Just like the cover photo you choose for your website, Facebook page or newsletter, the headlines you write are how you make a first impression. You don’t have a lot of time to invoke trust or spark interest or emotion, so your headline has to be strong.

A lot of photographers get overwhelmed trying to figure out the right thing to say, but it really isn’t that hard and if you follow the four simple rules that Nate shares, you’ll be writing headlines that get you leads, in no time.

You will definitely want to tune in and hear Nate apply the rules to our StickyEmail script, “How to Have a Stress Free Wedding and the Best photos Ever”. It’s so cool to hear him work through the process and brainstorm.

It’s Not About You, It’s About Them

This is as simple as it sounds. Your headline should be directed at your target audience and you should use the word “You” and/or “Your”.

As you can see, our headline fell short. Something like, “Make Your Stress Free Wedding and Get the Best Photos Ever” is stronger.

Create Contrast

Just like contrast matters in photography, contrast makes a difference in a headline. You want to make the positive, more positive and the negative, more negative.

In our headline, the use of the word “best” to describe photos falls short. Unforgettable, epic, amazing, etc….are all better choices.

Use Specifics

A strong headline should be specific. Starting with something like 3 Ways, 7 Tips, 4 Things, etc…provides familiarity and makes the headline stand out.

Get Them Moving

A strong headline includes action words. Words like transform, dodge, capture, avoid call people to action and make a headline more effective than passive language.

Want to hear the final headline that we came up with? Tune into the show!

If you’d like to learn more from Nate, he has put together an awesome swag bag that includes cheat sheets and coupon codes for two free months of Inbox Attack, his “mental fitness gym” and partners like Mailshake and GlockApps. Get it HERE.

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