I’m in love with StickyFolios!

Even though I’m a bit of newbie, I’ve already made a few mobile apps for my clients to share photos from their sessions. Then, I saw the real power of word-of-mouth marketing when one of my senior’s friends came to me to tell me how gorgeous the images were and how she wanted something just like it. It was pretty cool!

I’ve also used StickyFolios as my website. In my business, I started a new mission called Radiant Renegades where I help young girls feel beautiful, empowered, worth, and (of course) radiant! Even though I had the domain, having a functional website that let people sign up and join the team was a different story.

With StickyFolios, I was able to use the Landing Page template and custom domains to create an instant website and include the sign-up link. Radiant Renegades was up and running in no time at all!

The other cool thing I’m really excited about is using the booking feature to plan out all the cool themed sessions for the group. That will make sure everyone has their own time slot and everything’s in order.

I’m really excited about that and it’s all thanks to StickyFolios for putting it together! Thanks so much, guys!

— Ray Davis, Ray Davis Photography (Louisville, Kentucky)