Why do I love StickyFolios so much?

First, there’s the mobile app! The ability to build folios my clients can download to their phones as an app has just been a real game changer for me! This is something I toyed with before, but could never commit because it costs a bit of money up front to get it all going. Really, this has been amazing!

I use the mobile app to pull clients into a higher package. To get the app, clients need to buy the middle or top package, and it’s been really popular!

I’m predominantly a family portrait photographer now, and many of my clients want to share images with the grandparents. The days of grandparents walking around with little wallet prints in the purses are probably over. They’ve all got smartphones now, so now they can open up their smartphone wherever they are, pull up the app, and brag to their friends about how cute their grandkids are! That’s been a real big selling point, and the grandparents obviously love it too, so that’s been awesome!

I’ve also built a sample app for my in-person sales sessions. I use my phone to demonstrate the app to clients, and then I give them a sample app they can download with a link on my price list. A lot of people download it, and come into the studio ready to go, already knowing what the app is all about.

And I love the fact that you can use custom domains. That’s a huge selling point for me, that I can use my VictoriaNelsonPhotography.com.au domain with my StickyFolios and StickyAlbums.

Then, there’s the price list. I love the fact that StickyFolios added the ability to build out a price list directly in the platform. Luckily, my business is in a great phase at the moment, so I’m always tweaking my prices. It’s been a bit of a problem because every time I tweak it one place, I have to tweak it on my website and PDFs. That means things can get out of whack pretty quickly. The ability to build a beautiful price list I can email to clients and prospects and link to on my website (all with my custom domain) has been incredible.

I can also build my price list with the same fonts and logos someone would see on my website, giving continuity between everything which is really important to me as well.

I just ran my first mini-session, and by using StickyFolios it was really easy for me to build a landing page for people to come and see what I was offering. They could schedule directly through the booking system which made it so easy for me by collecting all the information I needed.

I made some really nice sales on the back end of those mini-sessions, so I’ll definitely be doing it again leading up to Christmas time. It brought some new clients into my business, and the whole process through StickyFolios was extremely slick, so I really love that!

Finally, there’s the digital business card. I have one business card for wedding photography and another for family photography, and I can really easily share them with people when I’m out networking. I think that if they save it to their home screen, it will have much more longevity than a physical business card. While those are still handy, we don’t live in a paper-age anymore. We live in an age of technology, so I find these digital business cards extremely valuable!

The main comment I have about StickyFolios is that everything is so easy! It’s easy to upload things, easy to do things, and easy to build beautiful looking pages that in the past would’ve taken a lot of expertise. StickyFolios has been worth every cent! No regrets!

— Victoria Nelson, Victoria Nelson Photography (Queensland, Australia)