“I’m sorry, you were our first pick as our wedding photographer, but we just can’t fit everything we want into our budget…”

Have you heard this before?

What about:

“We really would love to have a print album, but that was more than we were looking to invest..”

Introducing the Wedding Photography Gift Registry.

There is an interesting trend happening in the wedding photography industry. An increasing number of couples are opting to skip the traditional gift registry, and are asking their guests to help them pay for things they care more about, more than just another toaster.  Many couples are getting married older, and many of them are paying for their weddings themselves.  Either way, many couples are placing a lot more value on their Wedding Photography and on choosing and investing in an experienced professional.

At the same time, platforms like Kickstarter introduced the idea of crowdfunding niche tech products, and art projects. Since crowdfunding has exploded, what once may have seemed rude, or silly, is now becoming a really smart option to help couples ask for wedding gifts they truly value.


In this short video, I explain:

  • Why this can help you sell more products.
  • Why a wedding registry is the perfect addition to a wedding website.
  • How you can create your own in minutes with the new StickyFolios Online Booking Page features.
  • How to help your couples promote their registry.

Click here to see a sample Wedding Website with a wedding registry.