I’m super excited about today’s show with Ana Brandt.  For those who might not be familiar with her work, Ana is one of the top newborn and maternity photographers in the world.  She’s been in business for 18 years and teaching for over a decade.  Today she’s here to share some of her best tips on marketing and pricing. We’re going to give you a quick summary below, but there is so much more. You’ll want to take the time to listen to the whole show.


If you think that someone who has a long list of celebrity clients doesn’t have to think to much about marketing, you are wrong!  Although word of mouth referrals are a big part of her business, she puts a lot of time and effort into a display at a local OBGYN practice and has very active Instagram and YouTube accounts.  These three things together are her biggest sources of referrals and very often it is a combination of all three that brings new clients through the door. It’s for this reason that Ana recommends being consistent with your marketing images and NOT changing them up all of the time.  Using the same handful of images makes it easy for people to recognize your work and when they see them in multiple places, you will be on their mind when they are ready to book.

Ana is a StickyAlbums user and we love how she incorporates them into her sessions.  We’ve all had clients pull out an iphone and take photos during a session. Most people aren’t doing this because they want to blow them up big and hang them in their homes.  They’re just excited about what’s happening and want to share.  Ana solved this problem by giving her clients a “smart phone album” that includes every image that they purchase.  The StickyAlbum is ready sooner than their printed products and as soon as her clients receive it, they share.  Ana says, “It’s almost like you’re at a track meet and you’ve handed the marketing baton to them.” and calls StickyAlbums the “single best thing I’ve ever done for my business.”


Pricing can be a hot button topic.  There’s a lot of debate over selling digital files or products, doing online sales or in person sales, undercharging and over charging….Which is why I think Ana’s pricing model is so brilliant.  She’s basically figured out a way to make everyone happy, cover the cost of her time and talent and be profitable.  Ana offers her clients a “Session Only” option and a “Digital” option.  The session only option is exactly what it sounds like-a fee that covers her time and talent and does not include any products or digital files.  The Digital option includes files with the session fee and a discount on products.  Regardless of which option a client chooses, an in person sales session is mandatory.  There’s no minimum purchase requirement or pushy sales pitch, it’s just an opportunity to show the images and products and assist the client with their choices.

Belly Baby School

If you enjoyed this podcast or are a fan of Ana’s work, please go and check out her educational site, Belly Baby School.  There are over a dozen classes that you can sign up for and take on demand.  Work through them in a few days or take your time.  Once you enroll in a class you have access to it forever!

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