I’m excited to have Ben Hartly on the show today.  Ben is the owner of Style & Story Creative, an award winning wedding studio in Columbus, OH and the founder of Six Figure Photography.  Today we’ll be talking about the importance of finding your passion and deciding on a niche.  Ben also has some awesome advertising tips.

The Importance of Having a Niche

Ben didn’t always specialize in weddings.  There was a time at the beginning of his career, where he shot everything.  As time went on, he realized that he wanted to be the best at one thing and he started to suspect that there might even be value in doing this.  Turns out that he was right.  Specializing does allow you to charge a higher price point and to specifically attract your target clients.

You see, when you are 100% all in and other people recognize that about your brand you’re creating value.  If you want to shoot weddings but when people hear your name, they think of baby cakes smashes, your brand isn’t doing it’s job.

We understand that sometimes photographers shoot lots of different things out of necessity.  You may want to only shoot weddings but if weddings don’t pay the bills, you’re going to do other things.   There is nothing wrong with diversifying your income.  If you do this though, it’s important to have different brands and a distinct way that you market to each brand.  There is value in having separate email and websites for each thing that you do.

Passion as a Product

If you want an abundance of work, leads, profit, time with your kids, or whatever it is….you have to understand your own self worth and provide value to every person that you encounter.

According to Ben, “Your passion at times is more important than any photograph you have ever taken.”  When you talk to a client about their wedding and they can see, hear and feel your passion they will hire and at that point, your passion becomes a product.  It makes them confident in you.  It makes them trust you.

It’s important that your passion be about the right thing though.  It can’t be about awards, or money or your lighting setup.  Your passion has to be about people.  About providing value to clients.  About creating a business that allows you to have an abundant life.

People make purchases on an emotional and if you can connect with people on that level, you can’t fail.


We all know that Facebook no longer gives us the organic reach that we got 3-4 years ago.  Don’t cry about it.  Instead, adjust, adapt and move forward.  It’s still an incredibly powerful tool if you know how to use it.

A mistake a lot of people make with FB advertising is that they go right in for the sale.  An add with a pretty engagement picture that says, “Engaged?  Call us for information about engagement sessions!” is missing the mark.  You have to provide value before you try to make the sale.  A post that offers the five best engagement session locations or some other type of valuable content is going to get better results.

Be sure to listen to the call for more tips on advertising and creating a better contact form.  If you’re not already following Six Figure Photography, be sure to head over and subscribe to their newsletter and check out the free 7 day photography business makeover crash course.  It’s awesome!