On today’s show we have Carolina Guzik, a south Florida lifestyle photographer and founder of The Tog Republic.  I’m so excited to share this one with you guys.  Carolina’s background is in advertising and her insight on the photography industry and on building relationships with businesses in your community is so good.

Building Business Partnerships

You know that saying, “You need a tribe to raise a child?”.  According to Carolina, the same is true for businesses.  Being in business by yourself is hard but if you can reach out and connect with businesses in your community who are serving the same target client, your business will grow faster and so will theirs.  You see, there’s a better way than paying for an advertisement somewhere and hoping that the right people notice it and respond to it.  To really grow a business, you need partners who will talk about your business. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it can’t just be about what other can do for you, your focus has to be what you can do for other businesses.

Starting the Conversation

An easy way to get the ball rolling is to send florists, cake makers, wedding and party coordinators that you’ve worked with images to share on social media and ask for nothing else other than photo credit. This was something that Carolina did to grow the wedding part of her business.  When she heard about StickyAlbums, it was “a no brainer!”.  Not only could she gift vendors their own app, but she got to be an innovator as there was nobody in her area doing this type of thing. The first business that she did this for was a cake maker.  The cake maker shared the app everywhere and it solidified what was already a good working relationship.  Carolina says, “This (StickyAlbums) is better than business cards!  Who’s going to carry around a business card nowadays anyway?  Nobody!”

What if you don’t already have images to share with businesses that you’d like to partner with?  Be fearless.  Approach the businesses that you’d like to work with.  Tell them what you do and ask how you can make their business look better.  Some people will say no thank you, but so many others will be interested in what you do.

Education Strengthens the Industry

When Carolina started her business 8 years ago she felt like the industry was very closed.  There weren’t a lot of people sharing or teaching new photographers how to be successful.  It may seem like an easy profession to enter.  Just get a camera and take pretty pictures, right?  Of course not.  Those of you who are in business know that there is so much behind the scenes work that goes into building a successful business.  Rather than complain about saturation, photographers who charge too little, don’t know what they’re doing, etc….reach out and help someone.  Education strengthens the whole industry.  It was with this belief in mind that Carolina started The Tog Republic, an online community and educational resources designed to take your marketing efforts to the next level.  Visit their site and sign up for their free newsletter and receive an easy to implement marketing strategy every month.

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