I recently had a great call with wedding photographer, Easton Reynolds.  Easton and his wife Laura own LuRey Photography and Easton is the founder of The Art of Six Figures, a social learning community designed to equip photographers with he resources they need to earn six figures.  We talked about how Easton and Laura were able to earn six figures after being in business for just three years, pricing, common mistakes that photographers make in marketing and Facebook ads.

Getting Started

Easton admits that in their first year of business, they “didn’t know what our why was and what set us apart from the competition.”.  As they got into it though, they realized that their business was about the relationships they had with their clients and the fact that they truly wanted to get to know them and learn their stories.  With this realization, their  branding and message changed from, “Hire us to shoot your wedding” to “We tell your story” and they began creating one of a kind images for their couples.


When they were starting out, Easton and Laura made a lot of mistakes with pricing. At the beginning, their pricing was based on what the competition was charging rather than on what they needed to make and the value that they offered.  Then they raised their pricing significantly without a plan or demand and they stopped getting inquiries.  This led to them advertising out of need and attracting clients that weren’t ideal. They recognized their mistake and readjusted their pricing based on what they needed to make, their business and their value individually aside from any other photographers.

Pick Up the Phone

Rather than responding to inquires with an email (like everyone does) send a friendly email letting them know that you’ll be calling them and explain why.  That personal connection is often all it takes to make you stand out.

Facebook Advertising

A lot of photographers seem to think that Facebook is dead.  However, according to Easton, “Facebook ads are the most cost effective way of getting your ideal client in the door.  All of the people are on Facebook. All of them.”.  Unlike other social media platforms, Wedding Wire or The knot, Facebook gives you the tools you need to target your ideal client.  It’s more than just boosting a post or offering a discount though.  Effective Facebook advertising requires being intentional about your lead flow.  You must offer something of value and you have to have a plan and a sales funnel in place.    An ad that sends someone to your homepage will not book new clients, but an ad that directs them to a landing page where they can submit their email address in exchange for a wedding planning guide (or something like it) is the first step in building a relationship, continuously offering value and eventually making a successful sales pitch.

This post just scratches the surface of the detailed information that Easton shared in this call.  I encourage you to listen to the whole call.  It’s about 30 minutes long and I promise that it’s worth listening to.

Be sure to also check out The Art of Six Figures.  Easton has really created an incredible resource to help you take your business to the next level.