Today we’re excited have Boulder based newborn photographer, Jenni Maroney on the show.  Two years ago, Jenni was photographing a little bit of everything and averaging about $200 per session doing online sales.  By specializing in newborns and doing in person sales, she’s been able to fill her calendar with dream clients and her average sale is now closer to $2,000.  She’s broken down the process that got her there into four steps.  Be sure to tune into the show to hear all the details.

Attract Dream Clients

Jenni has a simple tip to help you do this.  Instead of marketing to every pregnant woman within a 50 mile radius, focus on the ones that are a perfect fit by speaking directly to them with a crystal clear message.  How do you do this?  By honing in on your style, what makes you excited  and what you are passionate about and then identifying the people who want that kind of photography.  For Jenni, that meant learning to say no and to stop trying to make everyone happy.  Now she only creates very clean, natural and simple newborn photos.  In her words, “Instead of screaming to the masses, whisper to the people who are looking for what you offer.  Be very clear about what you do and what you don’t.”

Know Your Numbers

At the beginning of her career, Jenni made a mistake that many of us make.  She spent a lot of time looking at other photographers pricing instead of figuring out what she needed to make.  Why is this a mistake?  For starters, when we look at other peoples pricing, we don’t have any idea what their business model is.  We don’t know if photography is their hobby, we don’t know if it’s their full time job, we don’t know what their overhead is and most importantly, we don’t know if they’re profitable.  Jenni encourages every photographer to sit down and figure out how much time they spend on each client.  Include every email, every phone call, the time you spend driving to the session, prepping your studio for a session, editing, creating an online gallery, doing an in person sales session, placing the order with the lab, packaging, delivering….EVERY MINUTE.  And then make sure that that you are being compensated for that time.

Keep It Convenient

Today’s consumers don’t have time to pick up the phone, or they choose not to.  For this reason, your website is very important.  Jenni uses hers as a funnel that leads people though the steps necessary to eventually book.  The process starts with sharing pricing.  She once thought that having her full price sheet on her website made things easy for clients but that’s not the case.  Having your full price list on your website makes choosing a photographer comes down to quantity over quality.  Instead, Jenni recommends sharing your starting prices.  Those who are price shopping may pass over you, but potential clients who love your work and who can afford you will contact you.    On Jenni’s website, there is a link that funnels people to a consultation page where they can submit their email to receive her full price list.  Jenni can then follow up with those people a few days later.

The Power of Suggestion

When clients come in for their ordering appointment Jenni has mock ups of products ready to show them.  For newborn clients, this means birth announcements are ready to go.  Images that would look good together in a wall display are together for them to see.  An album design is prepared.  By providing customized options to her clients to see, she is removing the guesswork and continuing to make the experience convenient.  Her clients value this, and more often than not, they purchase the products that she shows them.

If you enjoyed today’s show, be sure to check out Jenni’s online Ladie’s Hour where she dives further into these tips and shares how she does In Person Sales.  Additionally, Jenni has a FREE GIFT for StickyFolios followers.  Click HERE to download her FREE Newborn Photography cheat sheet and learn how 5 simple steps will increase your sales at every. single. session.