It’s no doubt that marketing boudoir photography can be tricky. This is true especially when it comes to marketing boudoir shoots in your local community.

If you’re wondering how to get the word out about your boudoir services, how to let people know you’re the photographer to go to and how to get people to actually want to book a boudoir shoot then you’ll love the 5 marketing ideas I’m about to share with you.

These 5 marketing strategies are specific to boudoir and are proven strategies I’ve used in my boudoir only photography business for the last 6+ years. These strategies are part of my yearly marketing calendar that help my boudoir studio bring in 6 figures annually.

  1. Ladies Nights Out
    Even in the smallest cities women are throwing ladies nights out. These events have been a huge success in getting boudoir bookings on the spot, that night, for my business. To find local ladies nights out call local hotels, businesses & event centers to see if there are any coming up in your area.Then ask for the price of a table/booth. You can always see if they’re interested in trading some event photos they can use to market the next even in exchange for a comped table/booth.Make sure you come up with a special they can book to secure their shoot the night of the event. Make the special only available during the event.
  2. Networking Groups
    So many people talk about the benefits of networking groups, are you in any yet? Getting out from behind your computer and meeting people face to face is the single best way to make waves in your community.Cultivate new business relationships, talk about the benefits of booking a boudoir shoot with you, create buzz around your studio.There are many networking groups. You can search for ones near you through google, fb, asking friends, calling local businesses and asking if they know of any, etc. Don’t give up until you find a good networking group, it will be worth it!
  3. Charity Events
    Charity events are a great way to give back to the community and spread the word about your business at the same time.Most charity events will ask you to donate something, along with a description of what it is and any tangible items. With photography it’s hard to give a tangible item so I always buy a purse and fill it with the gift certificate, information & brochures.Most charity events will then have people bid on the donations so you know whoever wins your item will be wanting a shoot with you!I like to give the shoot, hair styling, makeup & $200 gift card away. That way they get the whole experience and leave with a print but if they want a box or album they can upgrade during their same day viewing and ordering session.
  4. Get Involved with a Local Magazine or Newspaper
    Local magazines and newspapers are always looking for talented photographers. You can offer to photograph their cover, events, do head shots etc in exchange for advertising space.This way you both get something that will benefit you, win win.
  5. Provide Door Prizes for Local Events
    Local events and grand openings take place weekly in any city. Look online, in the newspaper, directories or ask around to make a list of local events you think some of your ideal customers might be at.Then call up the owner/planner of the event and offer to donate some door prizes. These can be gift certificates, or a comped shoot. I usually do a $100 gift certificate or a complimentary photo shoot. This way they get the hair/makeup & shoot and if they like the photos they have the opportunity to purchase a package from you as well.This method gets people in your door who are not obligated to buy but you know if they fall in love with the photos they will. Busting down their fears of “what if I don’t like the photos,” giving them a chance to try you and then buy if they’re happy.

I hope these 5 marketing methods have inspired you and motivated you to get out from behind your computer, meeting people in your area, and market your amazing services locally!

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